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Thinking of ways to add value to your property?

1.  A loft conversion.

The easiest way to get an extra bedroom and bathroom, its not particularly disruptive either as most of the work can be done from outside. The main point to remember is to make sure access to the loft is easy and that the conversion fits the rest of the house.  You will have to strengthen the floor joists, which will raise the floor level, so make sure you leave yourself with suffiecient ceiling height to stand up in. A loft conversion can add real value to your home – some surveys suggest a conversion adds an average of 12.5 per cent to the selling price.

2. Paint the house

If you are selling, firstly you have to get buyers through the door, which means you need to have the outside as spick and span as possible (cost €100 – €1000, but potentially could add €5,000). If nothing else, your house should at least look better than your neighbours’ and stand out. Clean those dirty windows, clear the driveway and unblock the gutters.

3. Change the windows

But only if they don’t match the house as it is now. I am a big believer that whatever you decide to d should suit the age and style of the original property. If it was meant to have wooden windows, then put wooden in. If metal, then put in metal. Otherwise, leave well enough alone.

More tips next week!

Posted by Caterina Nolan


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