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Ten Tips – Getting Your House Ready for Sale

Today we have a guest post from Lorna at Garrendenny Lane Interiors.  Lorna worked as an interior designer with her own business and is now concentrating on selling home accessories, gifts and wallpaper from her online shop at Garrendenny Lane.  An enthusiastic blogger about interiors, we are delighted to feature a blog post from Lorna signalling some tips on getting your home ready for a viewing.

It can often be difficult to see your house through someone else’s eyes. If you have any queries,  you should be asking your estate agent to make some suggestions that would help your home to become more attractive (and saleable) to potential purchasers.  If you are looking for a good price in this competitive market, then your home really has to be sparkling.

1.  Clear the clutter and personal effects.  You will be packing them all up when you are moving anyway so get a head start and pack away (and donate to charities) many of your ornaments, photographs of family and anything you don’t use regularly that sits on your kitchen worktop!

2. Clean until it sparkles. Now is the time for a good springclean. If the carpets need to be professionally cleaned, now is the time to do it. Wash your windows and your exterior doors.

3. View from the garden: Your curtains will hold a much better shape if they are tied back with tiebacks. Position a plant or some tubs of flowers at the front door and maintain them.  Sweep the front path and pull up any weeds.  Make your home look appealing from the outside too.

While the room above looks very attractive, a potential purchaser may be looking at the wall thinking that they don’t have so many photos and how will they cover up all the wall hooks! So keep the walls relatively clear.

4.  Your rooms need to be relatively bare so they appear more spacious. However, don’t leave them devoid of any accessories. Limit them to a couple of accessories on the mantelpiece, a few pictures on the walls and some lamps.  Tall or table lamps provide lovely lighting in the evenings and will make the rooms seem cosy and welcoming.

5. Should you decorate before you put your house on the market? If your home hasn’t been redecorated in the last two years or if it is decorated in a very personal taste, then the answer is yes. If you have the ability to paint the rooms yourself, it will cost you less than €70 per room to repaint the ceilings and to paint the walls in a light cream or earthy mushroom tones.

6. If you have a dedicated playroom, ensure it is relatively tidy with most toys either stored in storage units or on shelves, not scattered all over the floor.

7. People love storage so try to increase the amount of storage if you can such as putting up more shelves in a home office or investing in a storage system under the stairs.  Don’t have your cupboards too full or untidy or people will think there isn’t enough storage in the house. Remember they will open the cupboard doors to have a look!

8.  If a room is multi-purpose, for example, a spare bedroom or a dining room doubles as a home office, then create a ‘zone’ in the room for the desk space by framing the area and wallpapering within it.

9. Don’t forget the bedrooms – ensure the beds are made and have plain coloured linen. Limit the accessories on the bedside tables to table lamps, a book and the alarm clock.

10. Try to have a focal point in each room that makes the house seem a home. e.g. a fire or woodburning stove in the reception rooms,  a comfy chair beside a tall lamp or an attractively set table in the kitchen, and the bedrooms tidy and unfussy with nice headboards and bedside tables.

It can be a lot of work getting a house ready for sale but remember, it will sell all the more quickly and for a higher price if you do the job well.

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