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Suss this out! Using social media to market your house!

Calamus Browneshill Carlow
Calamus Browneshill Carlow

Are you thinking of moving? Perhaps you simply need more room for a growing family. Is your house just too big to manage, heat and maintain? It is not an easy decision to move house, but a short period of upheaval can lead to long term comfort, convenience, and cost savings. Any change in lifestyle can be challenging, however, a move at the right time can make the coming years more enjoyable with more time and money to enjoy life.

Well, whatever the reason, you need to think seriously about the manner in which your house is presented to the market.

Marketing by definition is the art of creating desire to buy a product. Marketing your house is an important aspect of the sale.

Since 2011, at Kehoe Auctioneers we use both the traditional types of marketing, as in advertising on websites such as, and and advertising in The Nationalist. However, the market is in a totally different place than it was just three years ago. We are driving change in the way to market your house by using the most current and creative methods to showcase your house on the Social Media platforms, you better believe it – effective social media marketing will help you to sell your house. Phones and tablets are now commonplace, and you no longer need a hard copy brochure when you can access a virtual tour of the property on YouTube.

After a viewing you recap and can share the experience on your phone, when you are out at night with friends, at a barbecue, with overseas relatives who want to purchase a house back home. Indeed, we have sold a property to a client in England who viewed the property only on YouTube. Kehoe Auctioneers is a local company with a global market mainly due to internet marketing and in particular the virtual tours on video. We have had inquiries from as far away as Singapore and Australia after the clients have viewed a property on a virtual basis.

See our social media sites:

And the good news is that there is a video for every one of our clients.  We will video your property when you sign up with Kehoe Auctioneers and put it on YouTube and Facebook.

Free of charge – yes, that’s right, there is no charge for this service.  We are very positive about the future of property sales in Carlow. In fact, we are selling houses within days and now require more houses to sell. So if you’re thinking of moving, please call Eoin today at (059) 9131678 to book a free market valuation.

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