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Staging your property – From the outside.

Staging your property: The Outside Story


The Power of First Impressions


The inside of a home may be where most people are most of the time, but the outside of the home often attracts buyers. Curb appeal as the Americans like to call it! If the outside of the home looks a tad neglected then the property has just taken a giant step backward, no matter how good the interior of the house looks. So it is just as important to prepare the outside of the house as the inside. Sometimes buyers won’t go inside the house if they don’t like the looks of the outside.



A good exercise to do is to go across the street and look at your house from a different vantage point. Many people never look at the outside of their house objectively after they buy it. They walk out of the house in the morning, get in their car and drive off to work without looking back. When they return home, they whisk themselves into the garage without even looking at how their home really appears. This happens day after day. The longer we live in our homes, the less we see it as we did the day we bought it. We become familiar with our environment and we don’t see that the bushes need trimming and the paintwork needs repainting. Getting some distance, even from across the street, really helps sellers get objective.


Make a list of all the little jobs you need to do whilst walking around the property from the outside. Keep your eyes open to anything and everything you think needs to be done. Then you need to make sure that the list gets done.


Some Tips on selling for outside of Property


Tip 1:   Tidy up the bins & remove discarded wood scraps, building materials etc.

Tip 2:   Look at the bushes and trees – do they need trimming?

Tip 3:   Weed and mulch all planting areas and fertilize and mow the lawn

Tip 4:   Clear patio areas

Tip 5:   Check the paintwork on the house and front door

Tip 6:   Finish any unfinished projects

Tip 7:   Go completely around the property

Tip 8:   Add some plants, potted trees for effect if necessary (you can take them with you when you sell)


Posted by Caterina Nolan.


 Any questions, tips or comments are greatly appreciated…… : )

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