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Simple Tips to help you sell your home…

Most properties which are sitting unsold are sitting there for the same reason….they are over priced.

The first step you should take when selling your home is to make sure and price it right. If  you have set the Guide Price too high then it won’t sell….simple really. The other side to this is, if you price it too low – you may get a quick sale, but you’ll always think to yourself that you could have got more.

The secret to pricing right – is comparables – checking out the competition.  Be realistic! – especially now!  see what similar houses/properties in similar areas are selling for.  Check out the prices of similar properties yourself – by looking in Estate Agents windows, local papers and of course you can do so on-line which is the most discreet way! 

Have a realistic price in mind and set aside the time to discuss in detail with your local Auctioneer, as this is the most important conversation you will have regarding selling your property.

By Caterina Nolan

17th May 2010.

on Monday, May 17, 2010 in Blog

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