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Selling your home! Tip 15 – final tip! ;)

Kehoe Auctioneers - Carlow Property

You’ve been good to your home, now be good to yourself!

Making the decision to put your home on the market is a big one and once made, you want things to happen right away. You want to see it in the paper, you want queues of people out the door, and you want multiple offers on the table. But it’s important to be realistic and to remember that it only takes one buyer to make you the offer you’re waiting for. So be good to yourself by keeping your expectations real and trusting your agent. You’ll stand a better chance of enjoying a stress-free sale.

You know your home inside and out, but estate agents know buyers. And Kehoe Auctioneers know them better than most! With decades of experience in both buying and selling homes, you can count on them to know what to say and when to say it. You’re paying for their expertise, so when a potential buyer wants to talk price or terms, defer to experience and let Kehoe’s deal with it. Your job is to get your home ready for sale, it’s Kehoe Auctioneers job to sell it!

It’s Kehoe Auctioneers’ job to sell your home, so let them!

By Caterina Nolan

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