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House Doctor tip for selling your house

Last week we discussed the best way to present your Hallway to a potential buyer, and this week we will be discussing the kitchen, usually referred to as the heart of the home!

Clear all that clutter out, even if you have to store some stuff in boxes for the time of the viewing. You can put the boxes in the garage until the viewing is complete. If you’ve got a toaster, juicer, grill, and microwave all up there, move them out. If your kitchen is cluttered, the buyer gets the idea that you don’t have ample counter space. 

2. If you’ve got lots of furniture in the kitchen, get some out of there so people can move through the area easily and they’ll get a sense of ease and comfort,” says Sue Pelley, national spokesperson for Interiors by Decorating Den, based in Easton, Md. “Take out a few chairs or that rolling cart you use for storage, that kind of thing, or your kitchen will seem smaller and crowded.”    Also take away the basket that the cat or dog sleeps in !   And dont forget the clothes dryer  full of clothes !   Make the room seem as spacious as possible.

3.  Clean Clean and then clean some more !   Have a lovely fresh and clean air to the kitchen,  wash the windows and make sure the light comes through,  have the blind rolled up and remove any plants, knick knacks etc. from the window sill.   Wash the floors and hoover any mats,  remove mats if old and worn.  The sink really need to be sparkling and remove the basin.

4. Try to eliminate any cooking smells like frying  chips or boiling cabbage!  on entering the kitchen,  A sprig of lavendar in a small vase will give a lovely natural smell or a bunch of flowers like daffodils in the spring time are a good idea.  Please,  no overpowering smell of Dettol or Disinfectant !

It is really getting the above  basics right that will increase your chances of selling your house,  a little time in preparation could prove to be beneficial for the sale.   Many buyers see the kitchen as the most important room in the house,  make sure you follow the House Doctor tips and you are well on your way to assisting in the sale of your house.

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