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Buyers beware! Septic tank pitfall.

All you buyers who are in the process of buying a property with a septic tank, make sure that your solicitor gets the vendor to register the septic tank before the deadline. As you will no doubt be aware, many householders who are required to register their septic tank have avoided doing so until now. The temptation for a vendor not to register it when they are committed to a sale is doubly so as they have nothing to lose at this stage. However, the buyer has a lot to lose as registering after the deadline will preclude the buyer from the possibility of benefiting from the proposed grant assistance of up to €4,000 for septic tank repairs. If you are in the process of buying a property serviced by a septic tank system, I would urge you to contact your solicitor immediately to ensure that the deadline does not pass you by.
Equally, vendors who are selling now or plan to in the near future, who believe that their septic tank may require repairs in the near term, may see discounting of the value of their property if they decide not to register before the deadline. The buyer would then not be in a position to benefit from the grant assistance.

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